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Our Climate-Action-as-a-Service platform connects the carbon credit infrastructure to businesses, consumers, and organizations for direct contribution to carbon removal, powered by the Cloverly API.

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Every industry has a carbon footprint. Offset yours with the Cloverly API and get on the path to net-zero emissions.

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Cloverly is on a mission to neutralize emissions through carbon removals and offsets. We make it easy to make a difference for people and the planet.

Redwood Logistics uses Cloverly to build its sustainability solution

Transportation, which includes the movement of goods, contributes to 27% of all carbon emissions due to its heavy dependence on fossil fuels. Therefore, reducing the carbon impact...

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Cloverly Partners with BeZero Carbon for Independent Project Ratings

Cloverly partners with BeZero Carbon to provide carbon credit ratings and independent quality assessments so buyers can act with confidence.

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Case Studies 10 Jan 2022
Carbon neutral shipping leads to 400% growth for logistics firm, Freightzy

One of the harder-to-abate sectors, freight, accounts for 9% of global CO2 emissions, more than three times that of air travel. Moreover, it is a highly fragmented sector, with...

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cloverlyProducts 5 Jan 2022
Unveiling Cloverly 2022 - Your Carbon Dashboard

Sustainability for businesses got easy with Cloverly in 2021, and it’s only going to get better in 2022. We’ve been listening to our customers and have built exciting new features...

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Partnerships 2 Dec 2021
Flexible carbon offsetting solution launched by Sustaira and Cloverly

Cloverly and Sustaira’s new partnership will allow corporates to accelerate corporate sustainability awareness and actions, specifically around carbon offsetting with a...

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22 Nov 2021
Diversifi partners with Cloverly

Cloverly has partnered with Diversifi to launch the zero carbon product that will help the crypto industry offset its environmental footprint. Diversifi (diversi.fi) is the...

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14 Oct 2021
Cloverly Partner Profile: Seek Discomfort, A Brand And A Family

Seek Discomfort may seem like an odd name for a clothing brand and an even odder name for a lifestyle. Nevertheless, it is in fact both. And it’s truly inspiring.

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14 Oct 2021
Cloverly Partner Profile: Hive Values Shoppers With Values

Are you a shopper who wants to put your money where your values are? Then Hive Brands, a Cloverly partner since its launch in October 2020, is for you.

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14 Oct 2021
Earth Day Recap: Brands That Stepped Up To The Challenge

Cloverly’s partners make the world more sustainable every day. Earth Day (April 22) and the entire Earth Month of April provided an opportunity to escalate and celebrate that...

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14 Oct 2021
Cloverly Partners With EcoEnclose To Help Build Regenerative Ecommerce Industry

EcoEnclose, the global company for eco-friendly shipping products and packaging, is joining the Cloverly family. By integrating the Cloverly API technology into the online...

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