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What Trees Sequester the Most Carbon? It’s Complicated

We explore a deceptively simple question: Are some types of trees better at sequestering carbon? Here’s the not-so-simple answer: It depends.


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Should Businesses Skimp on Sustainability during a Pandemic?

For retailers thinking of dialing back their sustainability practices during the pandemic, Ricardo Belmar has a warning: “Consumers are not going to abandon...

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100 Degrees in Siberia? Arctic Gets Hit Hard by Climate Change

This summer’s 100-degree temperature in far-north Siberia made headlines. The entire Arctic area is sizzling under the effects of a long-term heat wave. That...

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Poll: Big Majorities of Americans Want Action on Climate Change

Wow. Pew Research Center this week released the results of a poll of Americans about climate change. Check out the percentages of those responding who said the...

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Keeping COVID-19 Recovery Green Requires Focus on Jobs

Curing the economic devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic should preserve 1 beneficial side effect of the downturn: a historic decrease in carbon emissions. So...

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Transportation May See Biggest Post-COVID-19 Emissions Cuts

Transportation holds the potential for the greatest permanent reductions in carbon emissions as a result of the pandemic, says a new study published earlier this...

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Electric Vehicles Are Coming Faster than You May Think

Electric vehicles will dominate global sales of passenger cars and buses by 2040—just 21 years from now—according to the research firm BloombergNEF. BNEF’s...

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Our Sources Map Shows the Scope of the World’s Carbon Problem

If you check out our Renewable Energy Sources map and scroll through the list of the Renewable Energy Credits and carbon offsets, you’ll understand the...

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