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Case Studies 5 May 2021
Earth Day Recap: Brands That Stepped Up to the Challenge

Cloverly’s partners make the world more sustainable every day. Earth Day (April 22) and the entire Earth Month of April provided an opportunity to escalate and...

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Case Studies 6 Apr 2021
Cloverly Partner Profile: Seek Discomfort, a Brand and a Family

Seek Discomfort may seem like an odd name for a clothing brand and an even odder name for a lifestyle. Nevertheless, it is in fact both. And it’s truly...

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Case Studies 16 Mar 2021
Reagan and Ben’s Awesome Winter Road Trip, Greened by Cloverly

Reagan Cline and Ben Weinberg had an epic time this winter on their monthlong trip through much of the American West. Making it sweeter was the knowledge that they...

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Case Studies 4 Mar 2021
Young Entrepreneur Takes Sustainability into Her Own Hands

Returning to our roots in a sustainable way. That’s what Jaylah Koree wants to achieve with her work. The University of Virginia student and founder of...

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Case Studies 1 Mar 2021
Cloverly Partner Profile: Hive Values Shoppers with Values

Are you a shopper who wants to put your money where your values are? Then Hive Brands, a Cloverly partner since its launch in October 2020, is for you. Hive is an...

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Case Studies 11 Jan 2021
Cloverly Partners with EcoEnclose to Help Build Regenerative Ecommerce Industry

EcoEnclose, the global company for eco-friendly shipping products and packaging, is joining the Cloverly family. By integrating the Cloverly API technology into the...

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Case Studies 14 Jul 2020
Cloverly Partner Profile: Harney & Sons Fine Teas

Cloverly is proud to have partnered in sustainability with Harney & Sons since August 2019. The family company, founded by the late John Harney, sells more than...

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Case Studies 23 Apr 2020
Welcome to Davines as a Cloverly Partner

Davines, the hair and skin care products company based in Parma, Italy, announced on Earth Day its partnership with Cloverly to offer carbon-neutral shipping for its...

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Case Studies 1 Apr 2020
Cloverly Partner Profile: Calita Intimates

Calita sells women’s underwear that’s beautiful, comfortable (made from buttery-soft, sustainable natural fibers), and ethical—”underwear that...

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Case Studies 10 Mar 2020
Cloverly Partner Profile: Weston Snowboards

Weston builds and sells snowboards, splitboards, and skis. “Community, safety, and sustainability are at the core of our beliefs,” says the...

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