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Case Studies 14 Jul 2020
Cloverly Customer Profile: Harney & Sons Fine Teas

Cloverly is proud to have partnered in sustainability with Harney & Sons since August 2019. The family company, founded by the late John Harney, sells more than...

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Case Studies 23 Apr 2020
Welcome to Davines as a Cloverly Partner

Davines, the hair and skin care products company based in Parma, Italy, announced on Earth Day its partnership with Cloverly to offer carbon-neutral shipping for its...

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Case Studies 1 Apr 2020
Cloverly customer profile: Calita Intimates

Calita sells women’s underwear that’s beautiful, comfortable (made from buttery-soft, sustainable natural fibers), and ethical—”underwear that...

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Case Studies 10 Mar 2020
Cloverly Customer Profile: Weston Snowboards

Weston builds and sells snowboards, splitboards, and skis. “Community, safety, and sustainability are at the core of our beliefs,” says the...

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Case Studies 7 Jan 2020
Here’s the Rest of the Story on Looker’s Real-Time Offsetting

Check out the fascinating details of how Looker used its new Looker 7 data platform and Cloverly to offset the carbon footprint of attendees’ travel...

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Case Studies 25 Oct 2019
Cloverly’s API Powers IATA Hackathon Winners

IATA, the airline industry trade association, has announced the prize winners from its recent Hackathon, at which Cloverly was a featured API. Of the 6...

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Case Studies 12 Oct 2019
Cloverly Goes to Frankfurt

Greetings from the IATA Hackathon in Frankfurt, Germany! Today developers from around the world started a 30-hour, all-night code fest to build carbon offset and...

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Case Studies 4 Oct 2019
Greening Airline Flights with the Cloverly API

Members of the Cloverly team will use the Cloverly API to offset or avoid the carbon impact of their flights when they travel next week to the IATA Airline Industry...

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Case Studies 1 Oct 2019
Airline Industry Plans a LOT of Carbon Offsetting

The airline industry is taking its carbon emissions seriously. Aviation accounted for 2.4% of total worldwide carbon dioxide emissions in 2018. That may not sound...

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Case Studies 24 Sep 2019
Cloverly will be featured at airline industry hackathon

Cloverly is headed to Frankfurt, Germany, to talk to the world’s airlines about decarbonization. A little more than a month ago, IATA contacted us about a...

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