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22 Apr 2020

We Have News! Now Add Cloverly Easily From Shopify's App Store

Big news for Shopify ecommerce stores: our new Cloverly app is now in the Shopify App Store! The app makes it super easy to give your customers the option to green their shipping through Cloverly—at no cost to you.

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Today’s consumers increasingly care about sustainability. They want the businesses they patronize to care, too. The Cloverly app is perfect not only for new stores wanting to make a name for themselves but also for mature stores seeking to build on an already-established sustainability program.

You can find the free app at Just click the “Add app” button. You can then either stick with the default design or customize it to appear on your store exactly the way you want it. For step-by-step instructions, see our How to configure Cloverly for Shopify knowledge base article and video.

We give you complete control over the design of the Cloverly widget. You can put it wherever you want on the page and fit it seamlessly into your branding.

Cloverly’s algorithms instantly calculate the carbon footprint of an ecommerce shipment and offer customers the option of offsetting that calculated emissions impact.

Normally, our app does that through a simple checkbox that appears on the cart page. Your customers can elect to pay a little extra—almost always less than $1—by clicking the checkbox, or not. They then proceed as usual with their purchase.

We also offer two other modes. Rather than have us calculate the emissions for each shipment, stores can choose to offer a higher flat rate for all shipments. That will make an even greener impact by sending extra money to offset projects—again, if the customer opts to make the voluntary payment.

Stores can also green every shipment and pay for it themselves. Some retailers opt to do that for special promotions. For example, some stores are greening all shipments during April to celebrate Earth Month.

You control which mode you want. Toggling between them is easy.

To add a sustainability option to your online store, simply download the Cloverly app from the Shopify App Store and see what it can do. Reach us through our Contact page if you have any questions. We look forward to partnering with you for the good of the planet.

One last thing…

gif of a spinning four-leaf clover to illustrate announcement of Cloverly's new Shopify app for carbon neutral ecommerce shipping

If you’re on Product Hunt, we are officially launching the Cloverly app TODAY at (Product Hunt is a website designed to let users share and discover new products.) Our app for the Shopify App Store is listed under the heading “Carbon Neutral Shopify App”—look for the spinning four-leaf clover.

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Carbon Neutral Shipping with Cloverly

Cloverly provides an easy way for ecommerce consumers to purchase carbon offsets and achieve carbon-neutral shipping for their orders, at no cost to the store owner. For details, visit our How It Works page. Shopify store owners can get our Shopify shipping app by clicking here. For our BigCommerce app, click here. If you have a Magento store, click here.

Cloverly Team
Cloverly Team