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Our Climate-Action-as-a-Service platform connects the carbon credit infrastructure to businesses, consumers, and organizations for direct contribution to carbon removal, powered by the Cloverly API.

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Cloverly is on a mission to neutralize emissions through carbon removals and offsets. We make it easy to make a difference for people and the planet.

19 Mar 2020

Cloverly Makes Currency Conversions More Precise

Cloverly’s developer team just finished tweaking our API to provide more precise currency conversions for Shopify stores that use currencies other than the US dollar.

A photo of money.

It’s not a major change. It might sometimes make a difference of a few pennies. Or pence. Or, for stores denominated in euros, cents.

Still, we do try to be as accurate and transparent as possible. Here’s how it works:

When online retailers add Cloverly to their Shopify stores, they normally allow consumers to opt at checkout to voluntarily pay a little extra to offset the carbon costs of shipping their purchases.

The Cloverly API calculates the amount of carbon that the shipping will create, using such variables as the shipping distance, mode(s) of transportation, and weight of the shipment. We then purchase an instrument that pays for avoiding or sequestering the same amount of carbon somewhere else in the environment.

We buy those instruments (usually carbon offsets or Renewable Energy Credits) using US dollars. When a Shopify store uses some other currency, we have to convert that US dollar cost into the store’s currency in order to tell consumers how much they’re paying to green their shipments.

Our new upgrade does a more precise job of that. Among other things, we can now access real-time exchange rate information about the exact comparative values of each currency.

We realize that most of you have other things to worry about right now. However, with many people staying home because of the coronavirus pandemic, ecommerce takes on greater importance. We’re always trying to make our part in it as accurate and frictionless as we can.

Stay safe.

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Carbon Neutral Shipping with Cloverly

Cloverly provides an easy way for ecommerce consumers to purchase carbon offsets and achieve carbon-neutral shipping for their orders, at no cost to the store owner. For details, visit our How It Works page. Shopify store owners can get our Shopify shipping app by clicking here. For our BigCommerce app, click here. If you have a Magento store, click here.

Cloverly Team
Cloverly Team