Our Climate-Action-as-a-Service platform connects the carbon credit infrastructure to businesses, consumers, and organizations for direct contribution to carbon removal, powered by the Cloverly API.

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Cloverly is on a mission to neutralize emissions through carbon removals and offsets. We make it easy to make a difference for people and the planet.

16 May 2019

A radical idea to cut carbon emissions, support renewable energy, and be a better person

At Cloverly, we've built a Sustainability as a Service platform that is democratizing access to sustainability for anyone: small companies, large tech firms, and even you.

You saw an article about the new shoe brand everyone is buying, or maybe it was an Instagram ad? No, wait; it was your friend who couldn't stop hawking their new discovery. It doesn't really matter how you arrived there. The end result is the same. You go to the company's website, and with just a few quick clicks you purchase the whatever-it-is.

Within milliseconds, your purchase sends into motion a series of events thousands of miles apart that result in an order efficiently arriving at your doorstep—but bringing with it an invisible environmental cost.

If the company you ordered from is small and doesn't have a vehicle fleet of its own, your package could be picked up by a local delivery truck and taken to a regional facility, where it is loaded into a semitrailer and shipped across the country to another regional facility, where it is transferred into the delivery van that will drop it off at your door. While carbon economies of scale work to spread out the footprint of each mode of transport across many orders, at every step of the process greenhouse gases are being produced as a byproduct of the supply chain.

For most of the history of eCommerce, this environmental cost has been largely unavoidable. Until the entire supply chain is powered by electric vehicles charged by a completely carbon-neutral electric grid, this cost will continue to add up. You take the convenience and unfortunately get the emissions that come with it.

Except that it doesn't have to be this way. We started Cloverly because we're unwilling to accept that each of us has to wait until an emissions-free future arrives to eliminate the carbon footprint from our activities in the modern economy. In our world, you can choose to eliminate your footprint at checkout and support the growth of renewable energy at the same time.

The technology we build lets you do that. Companies we've partnered with let you choose at checkout to avoid your carbon footprint with a microtransaction and the click of a button. Our algorithm calculates the emissions associated with your order and gives you the choice to offset that impact. The process works by avoiding an equivalent amount of emissions in the power sector through the usage of renewable energy or some other offsetting means, like carbon sequestration or methane capture.

Our goal is to push forward the growth of renewable energy by increasing demand for the environmental attributes of its technology. Every click for Cloverly is a vote for green energy and a signal to companies throughout the world that a market exists for carbon-neutral solutions.

Some companies are responding to their customers' demands and are offsetting emissions from transportation-related activities like delivery or rideshare. Lyft and Etsy have calculated their footprints and offset on behalf of their customers, in line with their missions. But for every Lyft and Etsy that have formalized corporate social responsibility or environmental, social, and corporate governance departments, there are dozens of brands that don't have the bandwidth to focus on sustainability among all of their own fires. Cloverly's mission is to democratize the compliance behind offsets and sustainability so that every company can push toward carbon neutrality.

The radical idea is a Sustainability as a Service platform that matches customers who want to support carbon neutrality and eliminate their footprint with the highest quality offsets available that are sourced from as close as possible to where the emissions occurred. By being agnostic about the type of offset, we hope to match buyers and sellers in real time, through microtransactions at checkout that instantaneously execute.

We've built an API that lets any company access this platform and begin offering its customers the ability to offset their purchases, deliveries, trips, and stays. It's completely free for companies to integrate with our API. We charge only a transactional fee every time a customer chooses to offset their emissions through Cloverly at checkout.

Brands you love are beginning to take notice of the supply chain carbon impacts, but not everyone has the expertise or bandwidth to tackle this. Cloverly is the Sustainability as a Service platform that opens up access to this knowledge and compliance expertise for anyone. Getting the option to have a carbon-neutral delivery at checkout for everything is a bold target, but it's one that we're going to take a swing at.

Cloverly Team
Cloverly Team