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21 Oct 2021

3 easy steps to make your business greener

Going green isn't just necessary to attract sustainability-minded consumers. As states and countries adopt strict new laws aimed at reducing carbon emissions, green business is quickly becoming required rather than optional.

Many companies are discussing their impact on the environment and ways they can achieve sustainable improvements to their daily operations. If you're interested in making your company greener, try these simple tips to press for change from any position.

Change out the lighting

Persuading your company to switch to more energy-efficient lighting is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to go green. There's no need for extensive natural lighting renovations, either. If your company still relies on incandescent or traditional fluorescent lighting, upgrading to LEDs could save hundreds of dollars per year and dramatically reduce energy usage. Even if your company has already upgraded to compact fluorescent or halogen bulbs, LEDs still use less energy and have longer lifespans, so they keep waste out of landfills.

You can apply this change to any company, whether you work in an office, a factory, or a shop. For retail and office environments, lighting alone accounts for 40 percent of energy costs, making it the single best target for immediate improvement.

Go paperless to save trees and reduce waste

Dropping the paper habit can help any kind of company reduce its impact on the environment. It's also easy to do with minimal to no hardware or software upgrades, allowing employees to start on their own with or without support from their higher-ups. While this concept has been promoted as a green business technique for decades, only 52 percent of the businesses surveyed by SignNow in 2017 were either paperless or actively working toward that goal.

Some simple ways to go paperless without a major corporate directive include printing as little material as possible, requesting emails rather than paper memos from co-workers, digitizing your existing collection of essential paperwork, and asking team members to join digital document-sharing apps.

Work with Cloverly for carbon offsetting

More and more startups are coming up with innovative, easy ways for businesses to go green. Cloverly gives your customers the option to offset the carbon costs of their shipments. We created an API that you can easily integrate with your checkout process. There is no cost to your business, and the carbon offset button will not change the way that our customers interact with your site. Your company simply turns it on and immediately sees the impact. This helps balance out the environmental impact of your business without creating extra work or requiring an upfront investment.

Interested in more easy ways to make a business more environmentally friendly? Email us to start a dialogue with our team at Cloverly.

Cloverly Team
Cloverly Team