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Case Studies 14 Nov 2019

Harmony Fuels Uses Cloverly to Green Home Heating Products

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Cloverly proudly welcomes Harmony Fuels! It’s a new division of Shipley Energy that uses our Sustainability as a Service platform to provide, as a Harmony news release proclaims, the “first ever carbon neutral heating oil and propane products for residential customers from Maryland to Maine.”

Shipley, a diversified energy company based in York, Pennsylvania, announced the creation of Harmony Fuels today.

“Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact they have on the environment, and they want to be responsible,” said Steven Downey, president of Harmony Fuels, as quoted in the release.

‘Good Environmental Stewards’

“Shipley Energy has always demonstrated a commitment to being good environmental stewards by implementing technologies and products that help reduce carbon emissions. With the launch of Harmony Fuels, we are excited to offer our customers a carbon neutral option as a step toward reducing our collective carbon footprint in an effort to mitigate climate change.”

Heating oil and propane, which fuel a large percentage of home furnaces in the Northeastern states, lead to a lot of carbon emissions. “More than 56 billion pounds of carbon is produced each winter by homes using heating oil in the Northeast,” Downey said.

Harmony gives Northeast and Mid-Atlantic residents a green alternative. It uses Cloverly to calculate and offset the carbon impact of the heating oil or propane being purchased.

The Harmony Fuels website shows how it works. Customers order online. The price for the fuel includes the cost of offsetting. Harmony says it offers prices that are “equal to, or even less than, average heating prices by leveraging the existing delivery partners of its sister company, Smart Touch Energy.”

Choose Project to Offset

At checkout, customers can choose the project they prefer from Cloverly’s portfolio of projects in the region. It might be a wind or solar power farm, a livestock or landfill gas capture system, or another type of green venture. Customers get details about the project and about the number of pounds of carbon being offset or avoided.

“All reputable scientific sources point to carbon production being a significant risk to our way of life, both as a nation and globally,” Downey said. “We believe strongly that it will take many solutions and continued innovation to address this crisis, and a service like Harmony Fuels provides consumers a way to start making an impact today.”

We couldn’t agree more. We salute Harmony Fuels and Shipley Energy for caring and making a difference. We’re happy to help in taking another step toward sustainability.