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Cloverly Rides a Big Wave into 2021

As we look with hope toward a new year, we look back in gratitude at what you’ve helped us accomplish in 2020: nearly 28 million pounds of carbon offset on behalf of our partners and customers—and the planet.

Chart showing pounds of carbon that Cloverly offset in 2020, to illustrate a blog post about Cloverly's carbon offsets in 2020
Chart by Cloverly

That triples the nearly 9 million pounds of carbon that Cloverly offset in 2019, the year we launched.

How much is 28 million pounds of carbon—or, to get technical, 28 million pounds of carbon dioxide or equivalent greenhouse gases?

  • The amount emitted by more than 6 million passenger vehicles driven for 1 year
  • The amount emitted in supplying more than 4.7 million homes with a year’s worth of electricity, or in charging more than 3.5 billion—yes, billion—smartphones
  • The amount of emissions avoided by recycling more than 9.5 million tons of waste instead of sending it to a landfill
  • The amount captured and stored by more than 36.5 million acres of US forests in a year

Cloverly’s Sustainability-as-a-Service platform provides an easy way to connect everyone to voluntary carbon markets. Our API estimates and purchases carbon offsets to neutralize the environmental impact of everyday activities like ecommerce deliveries, ridesharing, flying, and more.

The 2020 Roller Coaster

The chart at the top of this post, showing our month-by-month carbon offset totals, succinctly tells the tale of 2020: steady growth distorted by the effects of the pandemic. The total shot up in May as retail sales shifted strongly from in person to online. It sagged at the end of the summer as coronavirus-related shutdowns and other restrictions hobbled the economy, then rebounded strongly during the holiday season.

Cloverly’s most popular use case is neutralizing the carbon impact of ecommerce shipping. Among consumers, ecommerce led the charge in this year’s holiday shopping. During Cyber Week 2020—the 5-day period from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday—consumers spent $34.5 billion with US ecommerce retailers, according to Adobe Analytics. That’s a 20.7% leap from 2019’s total.

“We’re honored to have so many partners choose Cloverly to help mitigate their environmental impact in 2020,” said Cloverly Founder and CEO Anthony Oni. “We have lots of reasons to be excited about the turn of the calendar to 2021.

“For us, the coming year will bring innovative new ways that sustainability-minded businesses and individuals can use Cloverly to go carbon-neutral. We’re developing and testing new and unique API enhancements to provide a superior experience for our existing partners while unlocking new capabilities at both the consumer and enterprise level.

“Stay tuned for announcements. It’s going to be an exciting year.”

• • •

Carbon-Neutral Shipping with Cloverly

Cloverly provides an easy way for ecommerce consumers to purchase carbon offsets and achieve carbon-neutral shipping for their orders, at no cost to the store owner. For details, visit our How It Works page. Shopify store owners can get our Shopify shipping app by clicking here. For our BigCommerce app, click here. If you have a Magento store, click here.

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