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Check Out Our New BigCommerce App!

For BigCommerce stores who want to reduce their carbon footprint, you can now turn to Cloverly! Simply download Cloverly in the BigCommerce app store—and give your customers the option to neutralize the environmental impact of their online orders, at no cost to you.

Photo of woman ordering from online ecommerce store illustrating blog post about Cloverly's new BigCommerce app
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels

Why add an eco-friendly option to your ecommerce store? Because, as you’ve no doubt noticed, more and more of your customers are becoming more and more worried about their personal impact on the planet. In a new survey about climate change involving avid US consumers of news:

  • 53% agreed that global warming is happening.
  • 45% said they were “somewhat” or “very” worried about it.
  • 61% said it should be a “medium,” “high,” or “very high” priority for elected officials.

And those were just the Fox News viewers! Seriously.

Also saying that elected officials should make global warning at least a medium priority were 94% of MSNBC viewers, 93% of CNN viewers, 92% of NPR listeners, 86% of nightly TV news watchers (CBS, ABC, or NBC), and 79% of those glued to The Weather Channel. (You can see the full results here.)

Real-Time Calculations

OK, but why Cloverly? Because we offer estimates of the actual carbon impact of each transaction, calculated in real time, as well as unmatched transparency about what offset projects we’re buying on your customers’ behalf, where they are, and exactly how they work.

We create (and continually update) sustainability reports for our customer stores, showing the number of purchases, amount of carbon offset, and offset project categories and sources. That information is yours to use however you wish.

More fundamentally, moving the world toward sustainability is what we do. It’s our business. We obsess about it. We built an entire API to make fighting climate change easy.

So why not take a step toward sustainability by downloading Cloverly for BigCommerce? Your customers, and the planet, will thank you.

Download the Free App

The app is free. When you download and install it, that automatically creates a Cloverly account for your store. From there, you can follow our step-by-step instructions to activate it. We also show you how to customize its look and feel to match your own styling and brand.

If you need help at any point, just reach out via Or, if you prefer, we’ll handle the whole activation process for you. Just ask.

Once Cloverly for BigCommerce is activated, it allows our API to calculate the carbon emissions associated with shipping a customer’s order, match those emissions with an offset project, purchase the offset, and report the amount of carbon offset and the location of the offset project—all seamlessly, in real time. For details, see our How It Works page.

3 Payment Options

You can choose from 3 payment options:

  • Default is by far our most popular mode. At checkout, the customer gets the option to pay a little extra—usually less than $1—to green their shipping with Cloverly. Our API calculates the cost, using package weight and distance shipped. The customer pays; the store owner pays nothing.
  • In flat rate mode, the customer again gets the option to pay (or not) to green shipping, but you, the store owner, set a flat rate for the offset cost instead of having the API calculate it. Again, the customer pays.
  • In green-everything mode, the store pays for greening every shipment, based on our API’s calculations of each shipment’s carbon cost. Cloverly shows the customer what the store is offsetting on their behalf, with a customizable message from the store.

Our app makes it easy to toggle back and forth among these options. Some stores use that feature to switch temporarily to green-everything mode as part of a limited-time promotion. For more details about these modes, see this article in our knowledge base.

If you have a BigCommerce store, we invite you to check us out and give your customers a chance to follow through on their priorities.

Cloverly Team