Case Studies 27 Feb 2020

Luxury Furniture Studio Goes Green (with Our Help)

Luxury furniture studio ATRA gets a nice shout-out this week in the architecture, interiors, and design magazine Dezeen for a new “green design” modular sofa.

Photo of Nerthus Sofa from ATRA with Cloverly providing option of carbon neutral shipping
Nerthus Sofa collection photo courtesy ATRA

The Nerthus Sofa collection encompasses lounges, chairs, and ottomans that can be slotted together in various configurations.

With this collection, ATRA is emphasizing sustainability. For the upholstery fabric, it uses hemp. That’s because, as the website explains, hemp “takes 50% less water to grow and produce compared to any other textile fiber, is pesticide-free, and absorbs more CO2 per hectare than any forest or commercial crop.”

Reclaimed wood makes up the frames. And ATRA is partnering with Cloverly to allow customers to voluntarily offset the carbon costs of shipping.

“At ATRA we are striving to adapt our design language, supply chain, and how we craft and make our pieces to provide our customers with ecologically mindful design,” says the website.

“The Nerthus indoor outdoor sofa is a humble step in the right direction and an emblem of how we will endeavor to lead our industry in ecologically sound development methods.”

Congratulations to ATRA, and thanks for choosing Cloverly to be a part of the solution.

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