Case Studies 12 Oct 2019

Cloverly Goes to Frankfurt

The Squaire. Photo by Soenarto Widjaja/CC BY

Greetings from the IATA Hackathon in Frankfurt, Germany! Today developers from around the world started a 30-hour, all-night code fest to build carbon offset and avoidance solutions for the airline industry. Cloverly was invited to the conference to be an API provider, essentially providing the building blocks developers will use to create their software solutions. Tonight they will stay up all night, chugging Red Bull and using Cloverly to create carbon offset and avoidance solutions for the airline industry.

The hackathon is located in an events space called The Squaire, at Frankfurt’s airport train station. It’s hard to put into words how massive The Squaire is. It’s the largest building in Frankfurt, and looks like a spaceship. If you added engines to the back, you’d have the next version of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek.

Not a square

The hackathon began on Friday night with a welcome reception.

Anderson Pacchioni, IATA’s senior manager for the developer community, kicks things off.

Things kicked off in earnest on Saturday morning, when several of the API providers gave workshops on how to use their software. Cloverly was chosen to give one of the workshops, led by Chris Winslett and Dave Folk.

Chris (with microphone) and Dave conduct a workshop for the teams.

After the workshop, the teams started building software around their ideas. Our venue at The Squaire is sleek and modern, with plenty of tables for the teams, good food, and Fatboys.

Let the Fatboy give you what it needs.

The participating teams will present their ideas Sunday afternoon, with the winning team receiving $6,000. Hopefully they will have used Cloverly!

Cloverly Team