Products 27 Jun 2019

Check Out Our Brand New Slack App!

Photo by Anna-Louise on Pexels

Today we’re very happy to announce our newest product: Cloverly for Slack. Does your company use Slack? Do you have employees that care about the environment? Then Cloverly for Slack is for you.

Step One: Install Cloverly for Slack at our Slack app page.

Step Two: Create an account on, enter a credit card to get a production API key, and add the key to the Slack app settings.

Step Three: Offset carbon inside Slack!

Cloverly gives your Slack the superpower of /green

Here are a few examples of activities we can offset. Want to offset something else? Try a command and see if it works! We’ll be paying attention to attempted requests and adding them if we can. If we can calculate carbon impact, then we can offset it.

Once you make a request, Cloverly will let you know if it was able to do an offset. Our algorithms will calculate the impact and complete a carbon offset. Best of all, we’ll show you exactly what REC or offset is being used in the Slack response.

A sample Slack response

If you click the See more link, we’ll show you exactly where the carbon offset came from.

A receipt is generated for each Cloverly transaction showing you exactly where your offset is coming from.

Cloverly is a fun and impactful way for your company to become more sustainable, and for your employees to participate in the process. If you have any questions about our Slack app, please visit Otherwise, get started by creating a Cloverly account and then installing the Slack app.


Cloverly Team